Friends of Monument Valley Park


We protect and preserve our city’s “Central Park” for all ages, for all people. We repair unique, historic stone entries, overlooks, walls, steps and bridges, some over 100 years old and some built by the WPA in the 1930s. We organize free musical concerts, wildflower/bird/tree walks and park cleanups so that all people can benefit from downtown’s oasis, Monument Valley Park, donated by General Palmer.


Monument Valley Park is the downtown park that our community uses every day to run, bike, walk and play. Our park is key to the quality of life of urban workers, residents and visitors. Over 40 historic stone features create a unique experience through the park. City funding is insufficient to restore these irreplaceable, century-old features. Without our efforts, our park’s historic stonework would be lost forever.


We need volunteers for monthly park cleanups, to manage social media and plan new events targeting the growing downtown residential community. We need a stage for our free concerts.

Did You Know

Our repairs to the Columbia St. Entrance included rebuilding a stone wall that was in danger of collapse, making it safe for the nearly 900 people who pass it daily.

“FMVP’s repairs saved the Geologic Column, a fascinating, archeological treasure created by our city’s founders who wanted following generations to understand our region’s history.” — Anna Cordova, Lead Archeologist, city of Colorado Springs

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