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Fostering Hope


We create an extended family of volunteers and community partners who serve as “aunts, uncles and grandparents” for foster families & youth who “age out” of care at 18. Through meaningful relationships & removal of practical barriers, we help heal past wounds of trauma so these kids can become healthy, productive citizens. This approach helps youth re-establish trust & a sense of self-worth needed to succeed.


Without support, stats reveal that kids in foster care grow up to face homelessness, incarceration, unemployment and illiteracy, to name a few. A third of the chronically homeless are believed to have come from foster care. We are successfully reversing these statistics! Through an innovative model, rooted in authentic, enduring relationships, we are putting neuroscience in the hands of everyday people.


Donated time from a web developer and a graphic designer, downtown storage space, business partners to employ foster teens and faith communities to form volunteer teams.

Did You Know

100% of our youth graduate or get a GED, compared to 35% in Colo. Most are working. More than 35% are enrolled in college or graduating, compared to 5-10% in the US.

“This is my family.” — – A teen in foster care, referring to volunteers & staff

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