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Foster Family Assist


Foster Family Assist asks foster parents what they need in order to be able to commit to their foster children until they are returned home, placed in kinship care, or adopted. We provide support and services by lifting some of the financial weight. Services might include paying for parent coaching to help with difficult behaviors or providing reimbursement for a night off to take a breath and carry on.


We help by creating stability for foster children. We do not tell foster parents what they need, we ask them!
Foster parent retention will increase when foster families know they can get the support they need. Getting the message out about foster care on a local level can also assist the community in recruiting additional foster parents. Additionally, this provides a way for those who cannot foster to get involved.


We need a small office space. To extend our reach by underwriting with our local PBS station KRCC.

Did You Know

There were 382 placement disruptions in El Paso County, just in the month of March in 2018. This means 382 times children had to pack up and move once again.

“Thank you for your vision and your non-profit. Your help meant we could keep our kids together. We are so grateful to you all. Partnering to make a difference in the lives of foster kiddos is near and dear to our hearts.” — Margie William, Foster Mom

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