Finding Our Voices


Finding Our Voices empowers survivors of sexual assault to thrive by offering creative activities and healing events while advocating in our community. Our programs tap into the creativity that every survivor has, in order to reveal underlying emotions and thoughts. We prioritize creating a safe environment for self-expression so survivors of sexual assault feel supported in their healing journey.


Finding Our Voices understands that healing from sexual assault can be a lifelong effort. What Finding Our Voices does, is create a community that welcomes survivors at any stage of their healing. Whether a survivor is just starting to explore their own healing or has been committed to healing for years, we encourage survivors to use their individual art and creativity to guide them in their own healing process.


Funding for our monthly healing art workshops and annual survivors retreat as well as ongoing community outreach and education programs.

Did You Know

In Colorado alone, the long-term cost of untreated childhood sexual abuse is an estimated $176 billion dollars.

“Being involved with Finding Our Voices has been so amazing for me. I have changed so much because of them and my life is so much better because of them. I will always be grateful and they will always be in my heart.”
— Mary Duefrene-Chacon

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