Feline Rescue Network


We were the first shelter in Colorado Springs exclusively for cats. We pull cats from the Humane Society who need more time to become adoptable and are at risk for euthanasia. In addition, we accept medically needy cats from Southern Colorado for rehab and treatment. Colorado animal grant funders provide some medical funding. Our actions improve the local live release rate, while giving these cats a new chance at life.


As a limited-admission shelter for special-needs cats with visual limitations, agility problems or FIV-positive status, older cats and cats from hoarding homes, we face unique challenges. A recent dental procedure cost $1,700, and total medical expenses run about $45,000 per year. About 400 cats a year move to forever homes when they are well-adjusted, adoptable companions, and the shelter can house up to 100 cats at a time.


We need help handling media and we may need a treasurer.

Did you know?

In 2015, we rescued one-third of our hard-to-place, special-needs cats from hoarders.

“We were so glad to adopt our sweet cat from this great organization. Thanks for making sure our boy was healthy to come home! We are so in love with our new family cat!”
— Amy Martinez Iannolillo, who adopted Ghirardelli