Energy Resource Center


Since 1979, our nonprofit has helped thousands of families save an average of 20 percent on utility bills — real money — and enjoy safe, comfortable and energy-efficient homes. We want to provide the opportunity for every household to maximize energy efficiency, eliminate hazards and create a sustainable future for their home and for our communities. Our services are FREE for those living on a limited income.


Energy burdens take a great toll on many households. The work we do helps lower the energy bill stress for households, meaning they can afford medication, groceries, and more. We work hard to reach as many homes as we can, but there are 75,000 homes in the Colorado Springs Metro Area that qualify for FREE assistance from ERC. We exist to create efficient homes for better lives. No one else is doing what we do!


We always love to have help at our tabling events to meet the public and help tell our story. We are always looking for groups to speak with to build awareness of the services that we provide.

Did You Know

Low-income households spend more than 17 percent of their income on household energy; other households spend an average of 1 to 4 percent. We help save an average of 20 percent on utilities.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! ERC made a big impact on our little home and energy bills. We are much safer and more comfortable. We are grateful to your hardworking team and donors.” — The Clarks

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