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Energy Resource Center


As a non-profit construction company, we support families in need every day through energy efficient measures. These are free services to families who qualify which saves them an average of 25% on utility bills. Our work also conserves energy. According to Colorado State University, if every American household used 30% less energy in their homes, 450 power plants in the country would not be needed!


Energy burdens take a toll on many households. The work we do helps lower the energy bill stress for households which allows them to afford medication, food and more. This year we will work on approximately 2,000 homes but the need is great! There are over 250,000 homes in our service area that qualify for free help. No one else is doing what we do!


We need volunteers to assist with community outreach by hosting tables at events, etc. As a construction company, we also need in-kind donations of equipment we use.

Did You Know

Low-income households spend more than 17% of their income on household energy. Other households spend an average of 4%. We save an average of 25% on utilities.

“These people are awesome! They are very helpful and very professional in the way they conduct business. Insulation, door seals, digital thermostat, proper dryer venting, and on and on, all for free because I am low income.” — Jen A.

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