Early Connections Learning Centers


ALL children deserve access to high-quality education, regardless of their family’s income. At Early Connections, our classrooms provide year-round support to our community’s working families. Our “whole child” approach to early care and learning incorporates a proven curriculum, nutritious meals, behavioral health support and medical care that has set the standard for early learning since 1897.


Childhood can be a magical time, full of curiosity, learning our ABCs, how to share and interact with others. Eighty-five percent of brain development takes place by age 3, setting the foundation for our entire life. With over 8,000 children in our community living in poverty, Early Connections provides a safe and nurturing environment where the “whole child” can develop, learn and grow — where children can just be children.


Financial support for scholarships, donations of children’s books and school/art supplies, and volunteers to provide classroom support, book sorting, toy cleaning and playground upkeep.

Did You Know

One dollar invested in early education yields up to a $13 return in increased schooling, career achievement and reduced costs in welfare, health and criminal justice expenditures.

“Early Connections is a wonderful school for my children and gives my kids the attention and care they deserve. I feel comfortable at work knowing my children are well taken care of and are actually learning!”
— Parent at Early Connections

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