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Discover Goodwill - Possibilities


Discover Goodwill launched the Possibilities program in 2012; now one of the largest adult day program centers in the state. The program was created to ensure the unique needs of individuals in our community with intellectual and physical disabilities are met by encouraging personal choice and promoting independence in a simulated small-town environment.


The first of its kind, Possibilities provides a unique, hands-on approach to life-skills development for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Operated in a simulated small town environment, clients participate in engaging activities that lead to greater competence and everyday skills. Possibilities personalizes programming that encourages each participant to reach their highest level of independence.


$15,000 to provide Possibilities clients a more self-directed, more effective learning experience that leads to greater independence both as individuals and as members of the community.

Did You Know

576,167 adults ages 18 – 64 live with disabilities in Colorado, or 10.9% of the population. Among all disabilities in Colorado, cognitive disability accounts for 35%.

“I like the people here and I like the activities. I like to do the treadmill and walk laps and I like the Smartboard. And the lunches are awesome!” — T.J., Possibilities Participant

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