DayBreak – An Adult Day Program


Caregivers are dedicated, devoted, loving, and more often than not, exhausted. They need a break from the 24/7 rigors of caregiving to refresh their batteries and take care of their own needs. DayBreak provides an hour, a half-day, or a full day away — where their loved one can engage in meaningful social interactions in a “home away from home” setting.


At DayBreak, we specialize in the care of individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia but also care for those with Parkinson’s, Traumatic Brain Injuries, strokes, and those in need of minimal supervision/assistance. An extension of home, we offer a community of support, love, respect, acceptance, patience, and humor. We will encourage, laugh with, protect your loved ones, and support you in the process.


ADA-compliant walking path/landscaping; weed trimmer; lawn chair cushions; office supplies; musical instruments; craft supplies; exterior painting of facility; camera; fire sprinkler system.

Did you know?

DayBreak is the first, and only, respite facility in Teller County (we also serve El Paso and Park counties) affording the caregiver a day off and their loved one a day out.

“He was entertained and uplifted all afternoon — and truly enjoyed himself, which is exactly what I had hoped and prayed for.”
— Lucie, wife of a DayBreak participant