DayBreak – An Adult Day Program


Caregivers are dedicated and caring, but more often than not they’re exhausted. They need a break from caregiving to take care of their own needs. DayBreak gives the caregiver an hour, a half-day or a full day of respite — while their loved one engages in meaningful activity and social interaction in our “home away from home” setting.


An extension of home, DayBreak offers a community of support, love, respect, acceptance, patience and humor. We encourage, laugh with, and protect our day participants, supporting their families in the process. At DayBreak, we specialize in the care of those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, but we also care for those with Parkinson’s and those who have suffered a stroke or need minimal supervision and/or assistance.


Office supplies; arts and crafts supplies; camera/video recorder; overhead fire sprinkler system; exterior paint; weed trimmer; ADA-compliant walking path/landscaping.

Did You Know?

As the first and only day program in Teller County, DayBreak not only provides caregiver respite but creates life-enhancing activities for our participants.

“DayBreak is staffed and run by angels. I can’t say enough about the highest quality of care that is available for my 61-year-old, cognitively disabled sister.”
— Craig Baker