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Court Care for the Pikes Peak Region


Court Care provides free childcare for anyone who needs to be in court in our region. The program welcomes children into a nurturing, safe space away from contentious courtroom proceedings (e.g. domestic violence, divorce, rape, child custody, etc.). We enable parents or caregivers to fully participate in legal matters with dignity and without distraction, helping our court system operate more efficiently.


Court matters are for mature audiences only, which is why Court Care welcomes children into a safe, nurturing environment while parents attend to their legal matters. Each year staff cares for more than 5,000 children. Without this program, many of our most vulnerable children would be exposed to environments that could cause psychological harm and change the way they see family members and authority figures forever.


Gently-used children’s books, washable art supplies, construction paper, diapers / pull-ups (all sizes), baby wipes, and volunteers at our childcare center (background check required) and events.

Did You Know

94% of families using Court Care live at poverty level or below. In FY2019, 5,811 children from 3,799 families took advantage of the Court Care program.

“I had to file a restraining order for the safety of my daughter and myself. Knowing my daughter was in a secure place was critical for me. We walked into Court Care and I was relieved. Staff greeted her with such warmth. This program is so important.” — Anonymous mother of 4-year old daughter.

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