Court Care for the Pikes Peak Region


Court Care provides free child care for anyone who needs to be in court in our region. This service keeps (mostly low-income) children from seeing and hearing courtroom matters — domestic violence, divorce, rape, child custody, etc. Court Care allows parents or caregivers to handle their legal matters without distractions, and helps our court system operate more efficiently.


Courtrooms are not an appropriate place for children. Without Court Care, thousands of our community’s most vulnerable children would be exposed to an environment that could cause psychological harm or change the way they see their family members and authority figures forever. Court Care protects innocent children and offers a fun, engaging space for more than 4,000 kids each year.


Volunteers to assist in classrooms (background check required); art supplies (construction paper, washable paints, markers, crayons, etc.); diapers and pull-ups (all sizes); children’s books.

Did You Know?

More than 54,000 children have visited Court Care since we were founded in 2003.

“Prior to Court Care, children were brought into the courthouse and exposed to parents’ divorce or restraining order hearings or parents being sentenced to prison.”
— Victoria Villalobos, former Fourth Judicial District Administrator