Council of Neighbors and Organizations


No matter a citizen’s beliefs, there are controversies, political issues, and policies that impact our lives and shape the future of our community. Council of Neighbors & Organizations (CONO) empowers neighborhoods through education, connection and action. CONO provides tools for neighborhoods to have a voice, which empowers them to be a part of the bigger picture to build a better community.


CONO provides the connections to education, public process and resources for citizens to engage in their community. These connections build relationships and allow for innovative ideas to solve neighborhood/community problems. These problems can be as simple as neighbors creating a neighborhood watch, holding a block party, or advocating for their neighborhood in front of City Council.


Multi-line phone system, board rep from legal or financial industries, GIS volunteer, storage facility, paper shredder, iPads, computer monitors, research volunteer, and office supplies.

Did You Know

Research indicates when neighborhoods are vibrant and cohesive, the cities which they are a part of are healthier economically, socially, and physically.

“Your work, your attention, your interest makes Colorado Springs District 11 a better learning institution, and as a result, your work makes the world better.” — Jim Mason, president, D11 School Board

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