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Council of Neighbors and Organizations


Neighborhoods are the core of our community. But great neighborhoods are not great by coincidence. They are great because they are safe and offer opportunities for creativity, diversity and mobility. Council of Neighbors & Organizations (CONO) empowers neighborhoods through education, connection and action – providing the tools for neighborhoods to have a voice in building a better community.


CONO links citizens to the information, training, public process and resources that allow them to engage in their community – to build relationships and allow for innovative ideas to solve neighborhood challenges. These issues can be as simple as residents creating a neighborhood watch, holding a block party, or advocating for their neighborhood in front of City Council.


Volunteers interested in research projects and volunteers interested in serving as facilitators. A multi-line phone system.

Did You Know

Only 43% (roughly 4 in 10 people) know most or all of their neighbors. There is an increasing sense of isolation and decrease in quality of life.

“It's important to know your neighbors so you can look out for each other and create a sense of community. CONO is supportive of our efforts in our neighborhood. They offer lessons learned, templates for meetings and underwriting for cleanups!” — Jess Kruckeberg- CSFD Battalion Chief

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