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Concrete Couch


Concrete Couch works with kids and community groups to create public art, to build community, and to create environments and experiences that humanize our world. For over 15 years, we have worked with some of our community’s most underserved populations: military families and veterans, Title One schools, adjudicated teens, senior citizens, developmentally differently-abled people, and those earning service hours.


Concrete Couch is building a home, a “Place for All to Meet and Make”, which will allow us to offer another 16 + years of programming to our community. This site, at 1100 South Royer Street, 80903, will include a permanent office, caretaker’s residence, and a 4.6 acre community-designed and built public park, complete with clean, safe restrooms; and unique art, science, music, recreation and nature experiences!


Our needs are as varied as our programs, from project volunteers to art and construction supplies, healthy snacks, musical instruments, and a new generation of board members for our land project.

Did You Know

We have saved our community $1.2 million in direct costs through free or reduced projects in parks, community centers, K-12 schools, and infrastructure programs.

“We get to make new things and learn new things. It helps the community, and it makes the world a more colorful place.” — Elementary School Student and Participant

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