Community Partnership Family Resource Center


We nurture families at all stages of life, offering guidance for normal living and supporting them in times of crisis, through comprehensive programs encompassing education, healthy living, financial planning, GED testing, social opportunities, parenting classes and more. Our programs lead to expanded education, work and income opportunities, stronger bonds between parents and children, and healthier lifestyles.


In our modern age, nuclear families are isolated. Within our community, risk factors ranging from job instability and transiency, to family conflict can all too easily lead to poverty, homelessness and the deterioration of the family unit. Our dedicated board and staff members create a safety net of agencies, programs and resources to improve their odds, keeping families together and helping them thrive once more.


A larger center to service the growing number of families; volunteer GED test proctors, service donations in Teller County; free advertising; grocery and gas gift cards; and non-food consumables.

Did you know?

We served 1 in 16 Teller County residents in 2015, 1,476 people; 29,393 man-hours were spent providing 22,725 services; 71 percent of those served were at the 100 percent poverty level.

“From taking classes and learning how to be a better parent to my two kids, my family has completely benefited and I’m so grateful. CP, you’ve bettered our lives!”
— Angel, a parenting/early childhood, nutrition and parent-engagement participant