Community Partnership Family Resource Center


CP is a safety net for families facing difficulties. For over 25 years, CP has offered parenting/early childhood/adult education, financial coaching, support for healthy living, GED testing and more for residents of Teller County. CP reduces child abuse and neglect by leveraging families’ strengths through comprehensive and individual care.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Life happens; a job loss, relationship conflict or even a baby on the way can catch families unprepared. CP’s framework of programs and services helps stabilize families, build resiliency and provide knowledge, connection and support. In 2017, CP provided over 13,000 in-depth services to help individuals and families recover from or avoid crisis.


An independent facility for our growing family resource center, free advertising, service donations, grocery or gas gift cards, new laptops, tech support, and printing services.

Did You Know

In 2017, 1 in 18 Teller County residents received family support services from CP to improve their lives.

“I would’ve never made the changes my family needed if it weren’t for CP. I’m proud of how much better everything feels. I encourage everyone to participate in CP’s programs. The difference between my life five months ago and now is huge; I’m grateful!” — Carroll Olson, Family Wellness participant

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