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Community Dental Health


Many people do not have dental insurance, & many more cannot afford dental care. Since 2006, Community Dental Health has brought smiles and health back to the most vulnerable especially our elderly and Veterans where Medicare & the VA has minimal coverage. Many people simply cannot afford the high cost of dental care. Help us take away tooth aches, keep people out of the ER, and fix broken smiles to go back to work with.


Have you been to the dentist, only to be told you need thousands of dollars worth of work? Many have to choose between fixing their teeth or pulling them. How sad, and unnecessary! Many have to choose between paying utilities or meds vs extractions. During this year’s pandemic, many people risked unnecessary exposure to COVID19 because they had to go to the ER, only to get medications and no treatment for their dental pain.


We have quietly served our community since 2006 due to lack of funding for dental care. We are now ready to shout from the rooftops! We need help marketing and building our Board of Directors!

Did You Know

Did you know majority of Veterans do not qualify for dental care thru the VA? Many had their teeth pulled &never received dentures! Medicare does not cover dental!!

“I had just been forced onto Medicare as of 3/1/20 and had no dental coverage. I felt an all to familiar aching pain; my face started swelling & I spent the next day and half being denied dental care until I found Community Dental Health.” — Sylvia S.

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