Community Cupboard


We fight against hunger in Teller County. It is estimated that 1 out of 8 families in our state is currently experiencing food insecurity and other hardships. The mission of Community Cupboard is to help alleviate the worries of individuals and families in need — who struggle with winter utility bills and rent — by keeping food on their tables. We provide meals for family pets as well.


The Community Cupboard is blessed to have 25 dedicated individuals, some volunteering for over 15 years. Our mission is to help support individuals and families by bolstering their food supply. The Community Cupboard is one of the few food pantries that provides its clients with frozen meats, dairy products, fresh or refrigerated produce, and bakery and meal staples as a standard in our food boxes.


We need funds for standard operational and maintenance costs as well as additional food supplies.

Did You Know

The Cupboard is one of the few food pantries that provides complete boxed foods (not prepared) which include meat, dairy, produce, bakery, dried and canned goods.

“As a grandmother that suddenly had custody of six children and payday a week away, the Cupboard was a gift that made life easier. Their toy drive made Christmas possible.” — Anonymous Grandmother in Teller County

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