Colorado Springs Therapeutic Riding Center


CSTRC is passionate about providing equine-assisted activities to those with physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities who live on the Front Range. Our riders have special needs that extend from autism to cerebral palsy and rare diseases. In 2015, certified instructors provided 4,800 individualized therapy lessons using our horses as the classroom. This is the ultimate horse power.


We at CSTRC believe in abilities and see those abilities come alive in each rider we teach. We are able to instill in people of all ages with special needs the capability to have confidence, build core strength, laugh and improve their quality of life through our equine-assisted therapies. We believe in the ultimate horse power, the power of “yes”!


Volunteers ages 14 and older; office supplies, including printer paper, envelopes, etc.; manure and leaf rakes; horse brushes; curry combs; horse tack; and a flatbed trailer.

Did you know?

Therapeutic riding was started in the 1950s in Europe as a tool for improving the lives of individuals with physical disabilities. CSTRC helped 100 riders in 2015.

“When traditional therapies were not an option, CSTRC gave our son the best days of his life with love and caring therapy. Thank you!”
-Parents of CSTRC rider Justin