Colorado Springs Food Rescue


We’re cultivating a healthier community through grassroots programs in fresh food access, education and production. Volunteers bring donated fresh, nutritious foods (30,000 pounds monthly) to resident-led, no-cost grocery, cooking and nutrition programs. Moreover, our FLY (Food systems Leadership for Youth) internship/employment program is fostering future leaders in service, community health and food innovation.


Hunger and poor health are symptoms of deeper causes that include poverty, discrimination and deficient neighborhood-based resources. In addition to increasing access to healthy foods, we advocate around and address the root causes of food insecurity. Moreover, with 60-plus partnerships in our city, we’ve redistributed over $3 million of dollars’ worth of healthy food since starting!


Voluntarios que hablan español y volunteers for food rescues or with cooking-education skills; local gardeners/urban farmers;  hunters/game processors; electric tricycles; and bicycle trailers.

Did You Know

CSFR was donated a 3.5 acre piece of land on which we’ll be building a community-operated space where neighbors can grow, cook, learn about, and access fresh food!

“In CSFR’s absence, such consistent access to high-quality, healthful foods would not exist and nutrient-poor diets amongst the local population would become poorer, leading to a reduction in health and quality of life.”
— Employee at partner site Meadows Park Community Center

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