Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale


We train youth to be responsible, productive citizens who give back to their community, and use the universal language of music to break down barriers within and among generations, ethnicities and cultures. We sing and serve at home, across the nation and around the world as ambassadors of the Pikes Peak region. CSCC creates a safe place for young people to express themselves and connect with others.


Through musical excellence we create confident, compassionate, community-minded young people which is more important in this world than ever before. Artistic expression and self-expression through music is part of our shared humanity. We know students involved in arts education are more likely to stay in school and make good life choices. We provide that arts education!


Board of Directors members with community connections, development and marketing expertise AND a permanent home (approximately 10,000 square feet).

Did You Know

Arts students experience positive developmental benefits from their arts study that extend beyond adolescence into adulthood.

“Being accepted for your art means becoming part of a community — a loving community that will support you for the rest of your life, like steel beams add structure to a building.” — Abri, singer

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