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Colorado Immigrant Assistants


Immigrants in deportation proceedings are not entitled to legal representation at the expense of the state. An immigrant’s chances of winning are much higher when represented. We link immigrants who are in deportation proceedings with our highly qualified member attorneys who can take their cases at pro-bono or low-bono rates. By securing legal counsel for these individuals, we help keep families together.


When an immigrant is placed in deportation proceedings it is often accompanied with unnecessary suffering afflicted to the immigrant, their families, friends, and co-workers. Most immigrants have almost no chance of winning their deportation cases without the assistance of legal counsel. Through our work, we help families and friends stay together, and keep individuals contributing to our community.


We are looking for individuals who would be excited to volunteer for our organization. We need volunteers who can help us plan and carry out events, apply for grants, and help with our outreach efforts.

Did You Know

Immigrants are over 10 times more likely to secure a favorable outcome in their immigration case hearings when they are represented by counsel.

“I found Colorado Immigrant Assistants after a notary in Colorado Springs made several mistakes with my asylum application. They connected me with an immigration lawyer who helped me resubmit my asylum application. I would be stuck without their help.” — Anonymous Guatemalan Woman - February 2019

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