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Colorado Immigrant Assistants


About 142,000 U.S. citizens in Colorado have at least one family member who is undocumented. 1 in 11 children in Colorado have at least one undocumented family member. When an undocumented family member is deported, American families are separated. Our Legal Defense Fund helps keep families together.


Families are the foundation of all communities. Removal proceedings threaten family stability, create single parent households, and expose children to increased hardships. There are often many avenues of relief available to undocumented family members that can prevent family separations. It is in the local community interest to enable families to stay together.


We would like to meet with volunteers, professionals, teachers, tutors, religious and community leaders and anyone who wish to offer their services to help us achieve our mission.

Did You Know

An immigrant with representation is 10 times more likely to secure relief from deportation and prevent family separation than their unrepresented counterparts.

“I found Colorado Immigrant Assistants after a notary in Colorado Springs made several mistakes with my asylum application. They connected me with an immigration lawyer who helped me resubmit my asylum application. I would be stuck without their help!” — Anonymous Guatemalan Woman - February 2019

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