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Citizens Project


Citizens Project fights for equality, diversity, and separation of church and state. We believe that a vibrant democracy requires the voice and power of all people which is why we work to empower all, particularly those most marginalized in our community. We provide nonpartisan voter education resources and work to increase voter turnout. For 27 years, Citizens Project has been a fearless advocate and an engaging voice that educates, mobilizes, and empowers our entire community to embrace these values.


Frustrated by current divisiveness but want to work in community to accomplish common goals? Citizens Project provides a nonpartisan outlet for fighting discriminatory policies that affect our region. We are a watchdog that protects the public space, activates the community to effect change, and promotes policies that protect all citizens. We work every day to create a Pikes Peak region that is more inclusive, safe, and supportive of all.


Resources to get a voter guide to every voter in our region; volunteers to monitor schools, local policy meetings, and legislative bodies; outreach to young voters

Did You Know

In the 2019 Colorado Springs election, the southeast side represented fewer than 8 percent of voters.

“Citizens Project actively protects equality in our community—I feel better about my place locally knowing they are watching out for my values!” — Cynthia Nimerichter

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