Catamount Institute


We spark young minds to be leaders in protecting the environment, contributing to the next generation of citizens with the knowledge needed and motivation to address 21st-century challenges. Through outdoor science adventures, students gain skills in making a difference and an intrinsic belief that they can. That confidence and empowerment spills into all aspects of their lives.


Our immersive approach helps students learn life skills that can’t come from a worksheet in a classroom and go beyond improving academic performance. Emphasizing the whole child, we seek to increase their success broadly and holistically — from helping them develop confidence, autonomy and leadership, to building social skills, and deliberative dialogue and conflict management skills, both inside and outside the classroom.


We need volunteers who LOVE the outdoors and want to share that passion with kids, and gently used digital cameras, which are great for kids to record their experiences outdoors.

Did You Know

Learning outdoors can improve student achievement across subject areas because it helps students think critically, solve problems, improve their creativity, and more

“It’s important because we have to keep our nature from falling down. We gotta keep our nature so we can have our oxygen and so none of our environment dies.” — Elijah, age 9

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