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Catamount Institute


We cultivate explorers & scientists by connecting thousands of kids to the outdoors each year. We harness their natural sense of wonder & curiosity through our outdoor adventures in partnership with schools or during the summer. Our programs show kids that they have the power to not only change the world but be leaders in their communities. We help kids change how they see themselves, the world, & their role within it.


One of our educators stated, “It’s taken for granted that all kids get to do & be exposed to certain things [outdoors]. They’re not.” We believe that all kids should have access to nature and high-quality outdoor education programs. Time spent in nature boosts happiness, positive emotion, kindness, physical & mental health. We take a holistic approach to ensure the greatest benefit to each child & our environment.


Volunteers who are passionate about sharing their love of the outdoors
camping gear
screen printing services
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Did You Know

Kids who participate in outdoor programs show increases in self-worth, personal and social efficacy, sense of belonging, teamwork skills, and
sense of community

“My daughter has made positive connections with her classmates & community! She now seeks to engage her mind in critical & creative thinking about the world around her. She is more aware of how people should have a positive impact on the environment!” — Young Environmental Stewards Club Parent, Spring 2020

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