Camp Shady Brook – YMCA


Camp Shady Brook is an overnight camp for all kids, regardless of health, background or their family’s financial status. We believe all kids deserve a chance to discover who they can become and connect with nature in a supportive, inclusive environment. It’s a place where kids can realize their individual and collective potential and build confidence, leaving camp stronger and more self-assured than ever.


Camp Shady Brook is a place where each child can truly be themselves and forge lifelong relationships. We measure success in the friendships built and the personal growth each camper achieves. Whether its a new-found sense of independence or an attitude of respect, responsibility, caring and honesty, we work to make every camper proud of who they are and to realize who they can become.


Board members, donated instruments for Music Track at camp sessions, a yurt for additional staff housing, sports equipment, ice skates, larger games (like air hockey), and a riding lawn mower.

Did You Know

CSB has a no-cellphone policy. A UCLA study that explored the benefits of sleepaway camp showed increased social awareness after only five days of being “unplugged.”

“This really is a superb camp. [My daughter] is confident, healthy and excited when she comes home. She tells everyone she meets that she doesn’t get ‘homesick at camp’ she gets ‘campsick at home’!” — Camper parent from the 2017 season

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