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Blackpackers aims to alleviate the financial pressures associated with outdoor education and adventure by offering free or subsidized outdoor activities to vulnerable communities. With Blackpackers, people of color and all others who are statistically underrepresented are able to enjoy outdoor experiences in multi-generational groups with little to no cost. Notably, our leadership reflects the community we serve.


Blackpackers is unique in that it is run by a black woman with a majority minority board to provide services for places like southeast Colorado Springs while being based in the SE. Many outdoor groups target minority demographics but it is particularly valuable for participants to see themselves reflected in the leadership and the executive table.


Blackpackers could use gear in the form of a camper of some sort, tents and sleeping bags. We would also love anyone with outdoor experience to volunteer to teach our participants outdoor skills.

Did You Know

Since the Civil Rights movement the average wealth of a black family has decreased by 75% while the average white household has seen a rise of 14%.

“Because of this group my love for the outdoors is real. It’s something special about a black woman leading a group of black people into (for me) uncharted territory. This is my favorite group ever!” — Yarkenda Payne

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