Assistance League® of Colorado Springs


Each year we help over 4,000 individuals. We provide new clothes to disadvantaged schoolchildren and assault survivors, new beds to teens exiting foster care or homelessness, and teddy bears and Halloween costumes to children in need. We also screen preschoolers for early hearing loss. All of this is accomplished by our 145 tireless volunteers, who raise funds through our Bargain Box Thrift Store and work hard to benefit our local community.


We are committed to “doing good in the neighborhood,” and our varied philanthropic programs serve El Paso County residents. Because speech and language development are imperative for future educational success, we screen preschoolers for possible hearing defects and refer affected children for treatment. Early identification of hearing loss, evaluation and treatment ensure that children entering school are ready to learn.


We welcome new, energetic applicants for membership, and need help with social media upgrades/expansion, garden Xeriscaping, and a new cash register for our thrift store.

Did You Know

In 2018, we screened hearing of 902 preschoolers and flagged 25 for further testing. This free service helps parents understand when corrective action is needed.

“In three years we screened the hearing of 2,000 preschoolers. One referral resulted in saving a boy’s life by finding a bone tumor. Another boy had a bean in his ear!” — Shirley Ricketts

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