Angels of America’s Fallen


Angels of America’s Fallen empowers children of our fallen military, police, fire, and EMS heroes by engaging them in positive activities throughout their entire childhood. We support them not just one time, but with a commitment to see them positively involved in healthy activities such as sports, music, and arts all year, every year, and all the way through 18 years old without having to reapply.


Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their highest potential and participate in extracurricular activities. Children who have experienced a traumatic loss of a parent face higher risks of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, dropping out of high school, and even suicide. Your thoughtful support of children of the  fallen provides a path for them to follow their passions and become healthy adults.


We need ongoing partnerships with awesome people and businesses so we can sustain the long term support crucial for lasting impact, as well as sponsors for events and volunteers to help with fundraisers.

Did You Know

Over 300 children in Colorado have lost a parent to military or first-responder service. Most of those live in El Paso County.

“We found Angels of America’s Fallen and both of my kids have just made these huge strides. There’s that gap that is missing and they just filled it.”
— Christina Rizzo

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