All Breed Rescue & Training


Shed happens! We help when fur hits the fan. We rescue puppies and dogs from shelters and give them a second chance. Once in a foster home they begin rehab training for adoptability. Each dog is helped to become a lifetime companion. We also help local residents train their dogs. We are a one-stop shop for all your dog’s training needs, from puppy socialization to competition levels. EVERYONE deserves to Have a Nice Dog.


We take in the unruly puppies, the barkers, the jumpers, the shy dogs and the badly behaved and untrained dogs. We are the only local rescue that provides full behavior and training rehab services. Our staff of nationally certified trainers and our behavior staff prepare them for a forever home. We help owners struggling to train their dogs and help them stay in their existing homes.


Trailer for hauling supplies/dogs, gift cards to big-box stores, shed for supply storage, printing services, cleaning supplies, soundproofing, volunteers and foster homes.

Did You Know

As many as 75 percent of the dogs in this country never receive professional training — with more than 83 million dogs here, that works out to 62 million dogs.

“When he [my husband] passed away, I again had to stay with family and friends. Ivy also bounced between several homes, not unlike my experience. We were both looking for our forever home.” — Monika Klimas, RN

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