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Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II)


ACT II brings literature to life through the magic of theatre with wholesome, educational, high-quality productions for local schools and the community. School children read the book, then watch it unfold on stage. We subsidize ticket prices so that all schools, including low-income schools, can enjoy this life-changing art. We also provide young actors with a safe environment where they can grow in their character and talent.


We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of theatre. School children and families attending our shows laugh and cheer as they are immersed in the story. Children from low-income schools rarely get this opportunity but with community support, we make it happen. ACT II leaves a lasting impression that impacts both the young actors on stage and the audience for a lifetime.


We are seeking potential board members who love the theatre, are gifted in developing leadership, and can help us continue to grow as we serve the actors, the local schools, and the community.

Did You Know

Many students from Title 1 (low-income) schools have NEVER seen a live theatre performance before attending our show. For some, this may be their only opportunity.

“Thank you for making a difference that's going to last the rest of my life!” — Breanna, Age 17, Student Actor

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