Why Donate Through the Give! Campaign?
You can donate to one or all 93 organizations on the Give! Campaign website. You can easily donate different amounts to each organization, if that is your wish. And best of all, every organization you donate to through Give! will receive an additional amount on top of your donation when they reach their individual Matching Grants. Your gift goes a long way when you donate through the Give! Campaign It’s a win for everyone.
Is My Online Donation Secure?
Yes. Your online donation is made through a secure server.
When Does The Campaign Start And End?
The Give! Campaign goes live on November 1 and ends at midnight December 31.
Can I Donate Through The Mail?
Yes. Donors who do not wish to donate online may mail donations to: Give!, 235 S. Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Please make your check payable to INDYGIVE and be sure to specify what organization you are donating to and include your address, phone, and email address. If donating to multiple organizations please combine onto one check and include a list of the individual amounts you’d like applied to each organization.
Download the mail-in donation form
What Is The Minimum Donation?
The minimum donation accepted is $10.
Why Incentives For Donors Age 36 And Younger?
Nonprofit organizations depend on a variety of people to make their organizations flourish. When young donors get involved with a nonprofit organization, they can have an important long-term impact, not only in helping to raise funds, but as volunteers, engaged participants, maybe ultimately as members of the board of directors. We want to encourage younger people to participate with the nonprofit community, to become lifelong partners with the nonprofit of their choosing.
How Were The Organizations Selected?
Applications are submitted to the Give! Campaign for several weeks during the spring. Our Review Committee selected from the eligible organizations that submitted applications by the deadline. To be eligible for next year’s campaign an organization should look for the announcements in the Independent, Business Journal and Pikes Peak Bulletin (typically during March) and follow the application instructions.
Can I Donate Stock?
It’s complicated but, the short answer is yes, we can accept donations of stock. Please contact the Give! Campaign directly at 719-577-4545 or [email protected]
Can I Make A Donation On Someone Else’s Behalf?
Yes. The person named can be recognized via an email that is automatically generated. Please select “This is an honorary gift” or “This is a memorial gift” at checkout. You will have the option to send an email notification of your donation.
Are Donations Tax Deductible?
Yes. Donors will receive an email receipt and acknowledgement immediately after making an online donation. Should you choose to use your reward(s) the amount of the contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of any money (and the value of any property other than money) contributed by the donor over the fair market value of the rewards provided by Give! and our reward partners. A good faith estimate of the fair market value is included in the fine print. The Give! Campaign’s tax ID# is 81-2029897.
Will Cash Donations Be Accepted?
Cash donations can be made through the Give! Campaign office. Please roll coins or convert to dollars. Also be sure to include the name of the organization that the donation applies to and include names and ages of all donors so that we may count them in the 36 and under age group.
Who Handles The Money From The Donations?
All donations are deposited directly into a bank account overseen and managed by the Give! Campaign. 100% of donations through Give! go to the designated nonprofits. The Give! Campaign will disperse the donations to the individual nonprofit organizations at the close of the fundraising campaign.
Can Donated Funds Be Used For General Operating Support?
Yes, Give! nonprofits may use donated funds for operating support, once the campaign project budget has been met.
Can My Donation Be Made Anonymously?
Yes, please specify that you would like to remain anonymous when you submit your donation.
How Will The Matching Grants Be Applied?
The matching grants are added to the nonprofits’ total donations after the campaign closes and the total donations received during the campaign meet or exceed each matching grant amount. Matching Grantors reserve the right to only match funds raised by an organization.
Who Can I Contact If I Have Additional Questions?
Please email [email protected] for further information.

Thank You Give! Campaign Sponsors