How can I give to Give!?

Online is the best way. Just click on the Give! button featured at and 60 other local Web sites. Then select one, two or multiple nonprofits and make a donation online in a single, easy, secure transaction.

Your donations will be held by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation until mid-January 2016, when nonprofits will be paid 100 percent of donated funds at an event sponsored by the El Pomar Foundation.

At this ceremony, nonprofits will also receive additional money from our “Friendly Competitions” and “Individual Matching Grants” programs.

All costs, including credit card processing fees, are paid by the Independent.

When should I make my donation?

As soon as possible! The deadline for all donations is midnight, Thursday Dec. 31, 2015. And by giving early, you’ll help the nonprofits you support compete in the Early Bird Friendly Competitions and receive your rewards packages earlier.

Where do I find my reward coupons and tax receipt?

Immediately after you donate, you will receive an email (at the address you provided on the checkout page). That email is your tax receipt

You will receive a link to download your rewards. Click on that to download a PDF of your entire reward package to your desktop. If you are not ready to download your rewards at that time, your E-receipt will have a link back to that PDF. Please print them only once. You’ll notice your name, email address and an unique number printed on them. That is to help our reward partners verify that no fraudulent copies are in circulation.

If you are missing that email, please check your spam, trash and archive folders. If it’s still not there, we can help troubleshoot; email

What are 'Friendly Competitions'?

Nothing motivates people like a little good-natured rivalry! We jumpstart the campaign and make things fun for our participants with valuable incentives for those that go the extra mile. You can help your favorite nonprofits win cash, consulting or extra media exposure, not to mention the envy and admiration of their peers. For details, CLICK HERE.

Can I donate in someone else’s name?

Yes. We’ll ask you if you’d like to do that when you’re checking out. They’ll receive the rewards, but you’ll get the tax receipt.

I would like to mail in a check. Is that OK?

Yes, you can still participate! Just print and completely fill out this form. Then make out your check or money order to PPCF/Give! and send it to:

Give! 2015
c/o Independent
235 South Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Please note which nonprofits you are supporting. Your gifts will be posted to the website totals about 5 business days after receipt. If you’d like to receive your rewards, include your e-mail address and reward selections.

Please note: A completed Give! donation form must accompany your check/money order. Thanks!

What’s your cut?

Zip. Zilch. Zero. All administrative costs (including credit card fees) are covered by the Indy, PPCF and our generous category sponsors, so every penny of your donation goes where you want it to — to your favorite Give! nonprofits.

What’s with the swag? Shouldn’t giving be its own reward?

Give! rewards are how some local businesses choose to give back to the community for supporting our local nonprofits! Each time you up your giving level, you get more items or experiences donated by local businesses to thank you for being a community philanthropist. Make sure to return the favor and tip well!

Why the focus on younger donors?

We want to encourage younger adults in their 20s and 30s to start thinking of themselves as philanthropists.

Research shows that younger adults give less often than their elders. Once people start supporting nonprofit organizations, they are more likely to continue to participate as they get older, and the amount of their support is likely to grow with their incomes.

What is the minimum donation?

The minimum donation to any one group is $10.

To receive any Give! Reward Package, the minimum total donation is at least $25. If you’re younger than 18, you can get rewards with a minimum total donation of $10.

For Reward Package details, click here.

How are donations tracked?

Donations made through the Give! website are tracked as soon as the contribution is made. The site also reports which organizations are leading in each friendly competition – such as most donors in their 20s and 30s. Donations received via snail mail will be updated on the Give! site within 5 business days of receipt.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

YES. All Give! donations are being received by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, designated for your nonprofits. Contributions are taxdeductible to the extent allowed by law. PPCF will mail acknowledgements for tax-deductible contributions made by check and cash of $250 or greater. All online donations will receive an email receipt that can be used for your taxes.

I'd like to give a donation in someone else's name. Can I do that?

Yes. Simply check the appropriate box on the shopping cart page and provide the name and contact information of that person. They will receive any thank you Give! Reward Packages, but the tax deduction receipt will be sent to you.

Is it possible to have my donation matched by my employer?

Yes. Please check with your company and follow its procedures. If your company makes the donation through our Give! Web site, the match will count toward “Friendly Competition” totals!

Questions? E-mail us at

Can I opt out of receiving Give! Reward Packages?

Just check the appropriate box on the checkout page and you will not receive a Reward Package.

Will the nonprofits know that I donated to them?

Yes, unless you request anonymity by checking the appropriate box on the checkout page.

Can I make a donation of stock? Yes.

For details Contact Amy Sue Lambert at (719) 389-1251 ext. 110.

How are the organizations selected to participate in the Give! campaign?

A broad-based group of more than two dozen local citizens carefully evaluated applications. Non-profits that participated in our 2009 and 2010 Give! campaigns were graded on a slightly tougher scale. This year’s Give! Class of 2011 includes 26 nonprofits who participated in either of our two prior Give! campaigns and 23 first-time organizations.

How can a nonprofit or business take part in next year's Give! campaign?

Applications for nonprofits will be ready in April 2016. Application information will be featured in several editions of the Independent and an e-mail will be sent to all Center for Nonprofit Excellence members. To be sure to receive an applicant, please email us a request to

If your business or foundation wants to explore being part of the Give! 2016 campaign, please contact our office at 719/577-4545 or

My question isn’t answered here. Is there a human I can talk to?

No ’bots here. The Give! office is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Please call 719/577-4545 ext. 2805 or email your question to the Give! team at We LOVE talking to our donors, and who knows, your Q might end up an A right here!